Bringing Touch-Screen Technology and Versatility to EBook Readers

Bringing Touch-Screen Technology and Versatility to EBook Readers
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

As people have become accustomed to reading information electronically, the use of electronic readers has become popular. Electronic readers offer consumers a way to carry their libraries with them. The newest addition to this industry is Sony’s Reader Touch Edition. Some of the Reader Touch’s best features include internal memory of 440MB, which allows readers to carry more than 350 eBooks. The Sony Reader Touch also supports other data file types such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word.

The Sony Reader Touch even allows MP3 and audio playbacks with a headphone hook-up and volume control. The expansion slots for memory allow users to expand storage for more eBooks and music. One of the greatest features of reader touch is its touch screen technology. Users no longer have to use a stylus to navigate and the touch-screen panel allows readers to select options with the touch of a finger. A stylus is included with the Sony Reader Touch because users have the ability to take handwritten notes, highlight passages, or type with the included virtual keyboard.

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The written notes can then be reviewed, exported, or printed out, making this one of Reader Touch’s best features. Other innovative features of Reader Touch for students are the pre-installed and updated Oxford American English Dictionary, which allows students to look up words just by touching the screen. The Sony Reader Touch offers its users a variety of visual choices. It comes in red, black, and silver case colors and the Reader Touch’s screen can be adjusted up to eight levels of gray scale.

It comes with five adjustable font sizes to suit anyone’s preference and the font can be changed automatically with a touch to the screen. A protective case and a USB cable are included in it manufacture’s recommended price of $299.00. Buyers should shop around because prices on the Reader Touch are lower than the manufacture’s prices at many retailers. The greatest features of reader touch would be nothing if readers could not readily get eBooks.

The costs of finding eBooks for the Sony Reader Touch has been made easier since Sony now offers over 1 million free eBook titles at its eBook store online. They have lowered their eBook prices to compete with Amazon. In addition, with the Reader Touch’s compatible formats, users can take advantage of their local library’s digital eBook collections unlike its main competitor the Amazon’s Kindle.


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