Great New Tech Gadgets: A Total Recap of 2017

Great New Tech Gadgets A Total Recap of 2017
Written by Alyssia Walmsley

In difficult economic times and recession, there is one industry that will thrive due to consumer demand. This industry is obviously technology, and the consumer request for the newest and coolest of cell phones, GPS devices, High Def television and other geek-loving gadgets. The year 2009 is offering the latest of tech gadgets, improvements on the existing and the reduction in pricing. Tech gadgets of 2009 are proving to be budget friendly, with companies releasing updated products that do not break the average consumer’s bank account.

2009 will drive consumers to look for the latest and the best, whether they are looking for a GPS receiver the entire family can use, or the latest smartphone to make business and family life needs easier to manage. Here are some of the best tech gadgets for 2009 to keep an eye on, some of these are already released but the prices are reducing and some are the hottest tech trends in waiting. Bring out the inner geek and enjoy the future of technology, the best is yet to come.

Garmin nüvi 200 – Automotive GPS Receiver

Garmin has been introducing budget-friendly GPS systems for a few years now. One of the best examples of their quality travel assistants is nüvi 200. The 200 features user-friendly, touch screen in full color. The GPS system can be held in the palm of your hand and is ultra-slim, sleek in design. Garmin nüvi 200 is not a budget buster, it can be found online or in stores such as Walmart for less than $200. The Garmin units are built to last, meaning the GPS navigation system is an investment that can be used by the entire family for a decade.

Nuvi 200 GPS is portable, it can be plugged into any vehicle the family decides to use. User-friendly for big family trips or everyday use. Nuvi 200 comes programmed with local gas, restaurant, even courthouse locations. Whatever place the family is looking for, this GPS gadget can take you there. From writer experience, living in a small Pennsylvania town, the GPS is great for navigating country roads and looking for those out of the way locations. The satellite reception on the Nuvi 200 is great, listing entertainment and dining locations 20 miles away.

The maps are easy to read and nüvi 200 GPS can be programmed with family favorites, such as restaurants or amusement parks. With its portability, the GPS navigation system can be used by the entire family. Never let a teen get lost again, or give the gift of safe navigation to the wife that has no sense of direction. Family trip planning is made easy with Garmin nüvi 200, GPS navigation system.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio – Stiletto 100

Available at Walmart and other fine retailers for less than $200, there is only a one time fee for the GPS device and there are no subscription fees.

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Stiletto 100 is a portable, live satellite radio that every family should own in 2009. SIRIUS commercial-free programming can be listened to in the car, in the office or at home. With its full portability, the Stiletto 100 unit can be used at home with earphones. Think of it as an iPod with satellite service. Stiletto 100 comes with a Windows PC software that enables the user to download and listen to MP3 songs. Already programmed with over 100 channels, including music, sports, and radio shows. There is even something for the Howard Stern fans, the best of Howard Stern show, highlights and the past radio shows. With Stiletto 100, there is a genre of music for anyone, including AC/DC lovers, The Grateful Dead, the latest Hip Hop hits and POP music. No one in the family will feel left out, there is absolutely something for everyone.

Blu-ray Disc (BD)

The Stiletto can be programmed for a list of favorite channels and it can even program up to 100 hours. (or 2GB) of music or radio programming. It is truly the portable tech gadget for music lovers, that can be used in the car or in the home.

From writer’s personal experience, again the small town living can pose an issue when it comes to radio signals. A small country town offers two country stations and one Christian radio station. With such limited choices, SIRIUS satellite radio is the way to go. Especially for those of us who enjoy several genres of music or have a husband who’s a football fanatic. Leaving the house for family time is easier with this portable gadget, especially when the football fan can still catch up on scores and highlights, without having to leave a groove in the family couch.

Stiletto 100 costs around $250.00 at Walmart or Circuit City, and requires a $12.99 monthly subscription for basic satellite programming service.

The arrival of Android G2

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Even though Blu-ray is not a new tech gadget. 2009 is expected to bring cheaper, more family affordable Blu-ray DVD players. The high-def format has been embraced by consumers, both in TV and DVD players. Tech-geeks expect 2009 to bring more interactive Blu-ray. Movies for kids and cheaper systems that do not break the family budget. After all, who wants to buy a $300 DVD system when they have a DVD player that functions just fine? Techies demand cheaper Blu-ray systems, and companies will look to supply them in 2009.

Blu-ray DVD players can be purchased at any retailer, including Walmart and Circuit City. Look for more information at

Rumor has it that a new Android device is set to shake the tech world in 2009. The new Android will be called T-Mobile G2 but will be non-exclusive to T-Mobile. The Linux kernel that powers Android has received a much-needed upgrade, which will help with bug fixes for e-mail service and reported conversation-list issues.

iPhone Nano in the Works

This writer was not as enthusiastic about the release of Android G1 smartphone, as we did not completely understand the concept or the need for one. We were quickly converted by getting a chance to use and see the magic of smartphone OS. Android tech gadget is perfect for small-business users who manage a hectic lifestyle. However, the smartphone can be used by busy dads and soccer moms as well. Hectic lives are a part of normal family dynamics, make your life easier with an Android G2 smartphone. Once you go Android you’ll understand the power of a smartphone.

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Even though Apple has announced the end of MacWorld, there is still excitement for Mac lovers. According to various reports, a smaller iPhone Nano will be released the second quarter of 2009. Taking a cue from iPod Nanos. Apple has decided to bank on a popular tech gadget by freshening up the look in 2009. A smaller, camera smartphone, could possibly be the rumored $99 Walmart iPhone. A cheaper, smaller version of the popular iPhone should receive a warm welcome. After all, anything less expensive that has produced good results is sure to be a tech gadget hit in 2009.

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